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Required Information for Google Tag Manager Setup

1. Google AdWords Conversion Tags (Paid & Grant)

– Conversion ID: This unique identifier is used to track different types of conversions from Google Ads.
– Conversion Label: Each conversion action has a specific label that helps differentiate the actions within your reports.

2. Facebook Tracking

– Pixel ID: Essential for tracking Facebook ad performance through user actions on your website.
API Token: This token allows us to securely interface with your Facebook account without constant re-authentication.

3. Bing Advertising

– ID: We need the unique Bing ID to integrate and track the conversions from Bing ads.

4. StackAdapt

– Universal ID: Used for general tracking across the StackAdapt platform.
– Standalone Conversion ID: Must be created separately in Sagonet to track specific conversion actions.

5. Google Analytics (GA4)

– Measurement ID: This ID starts with ‘G-‘ and is crucial for integrating GA4 for in-depth analytics and reporting.

Additionally, please provide us with the following details to further assist in the integration process:

– Website URL: The main URL of your website where the tracking will be implemented.
– Donation Platform: Details of the donation platform being used, as this will help us to configure specific tracking related to donations.

Could you please provide these details at your earliest convenience? Having this information will enable us to configure your GTM accurately and start tracking the campaign performance effectively.

Checklist for Future Setups

– [ ] Google AdWords – Conversion ID:

– [ ] Google AdWords – Conversion Label:

– [ ] Facebook – Pixel ID:

– [ ] Facebook – API Token:

– [ ] Bing – ID:

– [ ] StackAdapt – Universal ID:

– [ ] StackAdapt – Standalone Conversion ID:

– [ ] Google Analytics (GA4) – Measurement ID:

– [ ] Website Information – URL:

– [ ] Website Information – Donation Platform:

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