Send Luminate Email to Unopened Recipients

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Constituents that have not opened an email can be found by comparing the email recipients against the Message Open Report.

Run Delivery Report

  1. Navigate to Email > select Email Campaigns
  2. Select the Campaigns tab
  3. Find your campaign and click Manage
  4. Select the Deliveries tab
  5. Find your email delivery and click Review
  6. Under Related Actions, click Delivery Recipient Report
  7. When that report finishes, click View
  8. Click Add results to group
  9. Click Go in the popup
  10. Fill out the required fields and click Save

Run Opened Report

  1. Click Email > Email Campaigns.
  2. Click the Campaigns tab.
  3. In the Actions column for the appropriate campaign, click Manage.
  4. Click the Reports tab.
  5. From the Create a new report list, select Message Open Report and click Go.
  6. Select your message, click Add, then click Next.
  7. (Optional) Enter a name for the report.
  8. Click Submit Report.
  9. Click Refresh this page until the system changes the Status to Completed.
  10. Click View in the Action column to see all constituents who have opened the email message.
  11. (Optional) Click Add results to group to create a group based on the open responses.

Create Query to Compare lists

  1. Navigate to Data Management > Query
  2. Click Create a new Query
  3. Fill out the required fields and click Save
  4. Click Add Group Clause
  5. Search for your group containing email recipients
  6. Select that group and click Save
  7. Click Add Group Clause
  8. Adjust the dropdown menu next to “Include contacts that are,” select “not a member of any of”
  9. Search for the group containing constituents that opened the message
  10. Select that group and click Save
  11. Click Save Query and then Run Query

The results that you get will be constituents that received the message, but are not included in the Message Open Report, thus only constituents that did not open the message would be included in the query.

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