qGiv Custom Domain Set-up

We need a cname record added whaterver.clientdomain.com -> customdomain2.qgiv.com You have to be logged in to see the support links. Instead of Qgiv URLs, your organization can use its own domains while qGiv still hosts your site. See the example below for what the end result will look like. Current: https://secure.qgiv.com/event/eventID With custom domain: https://donate.OrganizationExample.org/ You can also set up custom URLs for peer-to-peer […]

Track Conversion in qGiv with Google Tag Manager

To make these pages work you must put GTM code 2 places and place a snippet below in the ‘Bottom Content’ on the confirmation page. Place it in the ‘Top Content’ Area of Donation Page Place it in the ‘Top Content’ Area of Conformation page. Javascript needed on confirmation page dataLayer.push({ event: “purchase” }); GTM […]